Philly Codefest is a two-day coding competition to transform data into real world solutions. This exciting coding marathon brings together innovative thinkers and programmers of all types. Participants organize into teams; either before arriving or during the event, and over two days build exciting new prototypes and tools.

Codefest commences at Drexel’s URBN Center, 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, with a meet-up at 6 pm on Fri, Feb 21; doors reopen for onsite team coding at 8 am on Saturday, Feb 22, with the Codefest kick-off at 9:15 am; coding continues through 1 pm on Sunday, Feb 23, with judging, awards etc all done before 5 pm on Sunday. Additional schedule details will be posted to the site prior to the event.



Individuals must be 18 or older

additional eligibility requirements tbd


The submission must be in form of MVP (Minimum viable product) not powerpoint or ideas

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How to enter

You must go to to register for the event.  Details on challenge specific submissions will be posted closer to the actual event.




Joe Adair

Joe Adair
Drexel University

Judging Criteria

  • How well does the solution identify and address the stated challenge?
    How well integrated is subject matter knowledge and available data sets in creating the solution - 25 Points
  • How innovative is the idea?
    How new / fresh the project is? - 20 points
  • How much was developed during the event?
    We encourage use of legacy codebases, libraries, APIs, and databases using the honor system that was produced during the event - 20 points
  • How user-friendly is the product or design?
    The design aspect and usability of the product - 10 points
  • How viable is the product in the market?
    * It's not just about the technology; will the solution be a successful product or business? * Litmus test: will someone pay to use it, or use it even if given away for free!? - 10 points
  • How good was the presentation?
    * Prepared slides * Not only how cool is the technology, but how well does it addresses the problem, how likely is it to be used, how viable is it as a product in the market place? - 15 points

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